Four Things To Do When You Are Running Out Of Room On Your Box Truck Rental

Posted on: 16 June 2016

If you are moving and packing up your box truck, you may be in a rush to get the packing over with. One of the worst feelings during packing is realizing that you are running out of room on the truck for the rest of your boxes. Here are four ways to deal with running out of room on your moving truck. 

1. Add a small trailer 

The best thing about a box van is that the towing capacity is decent. Go back to the place where you rented the box truck and ask for a small trailer to add to the back of the truck. This will give you additional space to fill for your needs. You may need to rent the trailer hitch along with the small trailer, so be sure to ask for all of the parts to make sure the trailer can be towed properly. 

2. Put soft items inside of a black trash bag 

Items such as bedding, clothing, and rugs can be taken out of boxes, then placed inside of black trash bags. You should use black trash bags that are for heavy duty trash or lawn maintenance to make sure it can hold several pounds without breaking. Once the items are inside of the trash bags, they will be more pliable and can be pushed into cracks and crevices to offer more space in the box truck.  

3. Break items down and use fewer boxes

If you are having a hard time fitting all of your boxes on a truck, a better solution can be to stop using boxes for some items. For instance, if your desk breaks down, break down all of the pieces, then wrap them in bubble wrap or inside of a blanket. You can do the same thing for coffee tables that also break down. If you have appliances that you are transporting, wrap these in foam padding on each side, and stick them inside of the truck without a box. 

4. Get rid of easily replaceable items

When you are moving, there will inevitably be some things that you need to repurchase or replace. Make this easier by getting rid of things that are easily replaceable when you are running out of space. If you have clothing that you have never worn, take it off of the truck and donate it. If you have items such as inexpensive toiletries, reams of paper, or bulk office products, consider donating these, then replacing them when you are settled. It may be cheaper to replace these items than to try to spend money and time figuring out how to transport them.