Brighten Up Your Business Bathrooms With LED-Lighted Mirrors

Posted on: 10 May 2016

Whether your company sees clients and customers on a regular basis or you just have a large office building with plenty of employees, the restrooms should be a clean, attractive place. Incorporating updated features like installing new mirrors surrounded by LED lights is a great way to add a modern touch to your company restrooms that includes other added benefits. If you're considering changing up the bathrooms in your company, here's some helpful information about LED mirrors that you should know.

Save Money

Since LED mirrors provide plenty of light thanks to the attached lights that surround them, using them in your updated bathrooms can remove the need for extra light fixtures above the mirrors and sinks. This will give the walls a clean, sleek look and it can save you money on energy costs. LED lights use less power and last a lot longer than standard light bulbs. By eliminating those excess fixtures, you're not only providing a nice appearance to the business restrooms, you're also making a smart decision about energy and light bulb replacement costs.


LED mirrors are simple to install and in most cases, you won't need to pay someone to set them up for you. They hang just like a traditional mirror and can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on your needs. Once they're hung up, you can simply plug them into a nearby outlet and turn on the built-in switch to emit a pleasing glow. Most models come with easily replaceable bulbs in the event that they burn out, and you can hang them virtually anywhere a wall outlet is found.

Added Features

A special feature found in many LED mirrors is something called a demister pad. This special feature is activated when the LED lights turn on and it helps to prevent the mirrors from fogging up due to steam from hot water. It's an excellent way to keep your restroom mirrors nice and clean and it provides a nice, convenient bonus to customers and employees who use them. A special touch sensor is often found on modern LED mirrors that allow you to easily turn them on and off without using a  wall switch. This sensor is typically located on the bottom of the mirror near the center and can help eliminate the need for wall switches altogether. With a sleek, elegant look and a lot of modern conveniences, adding LED mirrors to your business' bathrooms is a smart upgrade choice.