Three Printed Roller Shade Designs To Consider

Posted on: 22 December 2022

Roller shades can be a good option for covering the window in many different areas of your home. Not only is this type of covering easy to raise and lower, but it's also available in a countless array of styles — ensuring that you'll have no trouble choosing something that suits the room. When you visit a store that specializes in window coverings, you'll often see a selection of printed roller shades. This product can be ideal if you want to give the window and the room as a whole a vibrant look.

Here are some printed roller shade designs to consider. 


There are all sorts of printed roller shades that feature different types of vegetation. Each can add a natural, colorful, and welcoming look to the room. You'll see roller shades that have various leaf motifs, as well as shades that depict flowers. In a child's bedroom or a home office, shades with brightly colored flowers can provide a vibrant look. Another option is a print of bamboo, which can add a serene vibe to the room. If you work from home as a massage therapist or counselor, you might like this design in the space in which you see your patients.


You can expect to see a lot of different roller shades that have abstract designs. These products can vary significantly, featuring virtually every color you can imagine. For something muted, consider a design with various shades of gray. If you want a splash of color in the room, a product with multiple dynamic hues can work well. Some abstract designs mainly feature straight lines, which can create a tidy, structured look that works well in a home office. Others have more of a free-flow look, with sweeping curves that can add all sorts of visual interest.


There are lots of printed roller shades that feature damask designs. This patterned look tends to have a formal style, which can work well in such areas of your home as your dining room, primary bedroom, and even your living room. You'll often find damask patterns in muted colors. A roller shade that features this look will frequently include black, white, and several gray tones. The overall look can vary from dark to light, so think about what would best suit the room in which you want this window covering. Visit a window coverings store to browse its printed roller shades.