Tips For Storing Your Guns In Your New Gun Safe For The First Time

Posted on: 1 July 2022

Did you recently purchase a new gun safe or are you looking at local providers of gun safes with the intent to purchase in the near future? If you've never stored your weapons in a safe before, there are some things you'll want to know before you use it for the first time. Here are some gun safe storage tips to keep in mind to keep your weapons in good condition until you are ready to use them.

Remove Fingerprints and Add Lubrication to Protect the Gun While It's in Storage

Always make sure you wipe down your guns before putting them into the safe. Fingerprints, in particular, should be wiped off and you should handle the gun with gloves to make sure you don't put any more fingerprints on it right before closing the safe. Fingerprints are no good because they can contain the salts that are naturally part of your skin. Letting this salt get on your gun and stay there for the long term can cause the gun to have a weak spot where rust could begin to form.

For best results, use a protective oil recommended by your gun manufacturer to put a light coat of lubricant on all metal parts before putting the gun away. Wood stocks can be protected with a wax coating.

Have a Dedicated Spot in the Safe for Each Gun

Make sure your safe is large enough to comfortably store every gun you have if you will be storing more than one gun in the same safe. When putting the gun into the safe or taking it back out, you should be able to easily lift it without having any part of the gun touch another gun or the inside walls of the safe. Having metal bump up against other metal could cause a scratch or a nick on one of the weapons. Have a dedicated spot for each weapon where it always goes every time you put it in. This can also help if you use your guns for self-defense and need to open the safe and arm yourself in a hurry because you'll already know the exact spot where each gun is located, even if it's nighttime and not well lit.

Keep an Eye on Humidity Inside the Safe and the Room Where You Put It

Humidity can cause an unlubricated, unprotected gun to develop rust over time. Invest in a dehumidifier for the room where your gun safe will stay if you believe this might be a problem. You can get a measuring tool like a hygrometer to measure the humidity inside the safe from time to time. If you live in a humid part of the country, be mindful of this, especially if the air conditioner in your home goes on the fritz.

For more information on gun safes, contact a company near you.