5 Reasons To Hire An Interview Coach

Posted on: 24 May 2021

Getting your dream job in your chosen career field is becoming more difficult and competitive. If you want an edge on your competition, consider online interview coaching. The following are just a few ways that an interview coach can help you ace your next job interview so that you get the call back you desire. 

1. Navigate Work History Issues

A common hurdle for many applicants is that there is something challenging in their work history. This could range from a past firing, a gap in employment, or simply little professional experience in the field. An interview coach can help you anticipate the difficult questions these situations can result in, as well as provide you with the best way to respond to these questions so that you come out looking like the perfect candidate.

2. Polish Rusty Skills

For those that haven't interviewed in a while, it can be a bit unnerving to jump back into the job search pool. This is especially true if you are changing fields or haven't been in the workforce at all for a few years. Working with a coach gives you the opportunity to polish up your skills and even learn a few new techniques for a good interview.

3. Practice Remote Interview Styles

The days of in-person interviews are quickly receding into the past. Many interviews, particularly the first interview, are performed over the phone or via a video call. With the uptick in remote work, sometimes the entire interview process takes place over the phone or computer. A coach can help you learn the best ways to navigate these interviews, from how to set up your call space to how to respond to questions. 

4. Work Out Anxiety Triggers

Many people are great at their jobs, but the interview process makes them anxious and they can't put their best foot forward. If this is you, then an interview coach can help you work through your anxiety triggers so they won't ruin your first impression during the interview. A good coach will have your practice interviewing with several different hiring manager styles, while also teaching you anxiety-reducing strategies. 

5. Get a Confidence Boost

If you are going after your dream job, you may be a bit nervous, even if you typically do well in interviews. Working with a coach will help you feel more prepared, which in turn may just give you the confidence boost you need to really shine at the interview. 

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