4 Reasons To Aerate Your Lawn This Spring

Posted on: 11 March 2021

For your yard to thrive, you need to give it a little special attention. One way to take care of your yard is by aerating your yard. Aeration is done using a special lawn aeration tool used to create holes in the soil in your yard. Doing this can offer many benefits for your yard.

Reason #1: Deal with Thatch

One of the most significant benefits of aerating your yard is to deal with thatch. Thatch is all the organic material, such as moss and grass clippings, that becomes matted around the roots of your grass. When your yard has too much thatch built up, your yard can't breathe. Excessive matted grass and yard clippings can result in your yard not getting the water or nutrients it needs to thrive.

Aerating your yard will help break up the thatch and help the thatch decompose instead of building up on your yard.

Reason #2: Increase Water Absorption

Next, when you aerate your yard, you are going to help your yard absorb water easier. The soil in your yard can become compacted over time, making it harder for your yard to absorb the water that it needs. Running an aerating machine in your yard can reduce the compaction of soil in your yard, making it easier for the water to get to the roots of your grass.

Reason #3: Better Fertilizer Uptake

If your yard is not looking as green as you want it to, aerating before applying fertilizer can be useful. Aerating will remove built-up thatch, which will allow the fertilizer easier access to your grass. Aerating grass will also help to remove moss that gets in the way of fertilizer. Aeration opens the soil and will help allow new grass shoots to grow in your yard and allow for the growth of new healthy grass.

Benefit #4: Good Nutrition

When you aerate your yard, you are going to pull out what is called soil cores. This is the dirt you are pulling up from the ground. This core of dirt and decomposing materials is good for your yard. The soil cores will help protect your yard, help retain moisture, and even provide your yard with some much-needed nutrition as well.

Aerating your yard helps remove thatch from your yard, increase water absorption, increase fertilizer uptake, and increase the nutrition in your yard. You can rent an aerating machine, as this is a task that you only need to do once a year. You should aerate your yard when the grass is at its peak growth, and to get the best results, you will want to make multiple passes.

For more information, contact a lawn aerator rental service.