Determining What Kinds Of Banners Or Signs You Need

Posted on: 12 February 2021

If you are holding an event and need a banner, determining the size, type, and material for the banner is crucial. There are materials that you can use in many different environments, so working with a sign and banner shop that can walk you through the option is often the best place to start. 

Banner Materials

A large banner that you will use outside needs to be flexible enough to move in the wind but strong enough not to tear and collapse. Often a 13oz high tenacity front-lit banner is a good option because of the material's durability. If lights are required, they can be placed in front of the banner without fear of damaging the printing.

A heavy vinyl like this is a good option for larger spans but is equally well suited to smaller banners that need to be durable and last for long periods. The sign shop making your banner can go through the different materials that offer the best options for you, so discuss the environment it is being used to ensure that your banner turns out the way you want it to. 

Banner Printing

Often banners made from heavier materials require some special equipment to print them. The sign shop that you are working with should be able to print your banner easily, but it is essential that the print is high-quality and will not fade over time.

Matching the ink used to print your banner with the material you chose for the banner is critical. A 13oz high tenacity front-lit banner uses a very specific material to ensure it is durable, and the ink used on it needs to match. Often the companies that make these banner materials recommend inks and printing systems to use with the banner. In some cases, the sign shop may even have a printer that was made to specifically print on the material you selected. 

Because weather and the elements can damage the printing on the banner, it is important that the printer uses weather-resistant ink for you, but you need to let them know that you will hang the banner outside. 

Permanent Signs

If you are looking for a banner that can be used as a permanent sign, the heavy 13oz high tenacity banner material is a good option. If the sign stays in place for an extended period, you may want to ask the sign shop or banner printer about coating the printed area to preserve the printing on the sign.

This heavy material is often used as billboards and signs put up in sections and will have lighting on them at night and may be the perfect solution for a permanent sign for your business. 

Contact a local banner-making company to learn more about 13oz high tenacity front-lit banners and other types of signs.