New Extinguishers For Your Business

Posted on: 17 December 2020

Fire extinguishers can save your commercial building from serious damage and can be lifesaving when used properly. If you have owned the same fire extinguisher in your office for a while and don't have a viable way to put out fires in other parts of your business, implementing a safety plan and acquiring the proper types of extinguishers should be one of your priorities.

Safely Assessing And Exiting

Just because you will have additional fire extinguishers on the premises does not mean that you should stay inside of the building and attempt to fight a fire or expect anyone else to do so. Safely assessing a fire and determining if it can be put out with the application of an extinguishing agent is the first step associated with a safety plan. In the case of a fire being too large to fight alone, you or an employee can use one or more extinguishers to keep flames at bay while attempting to exit the premises.

A fire extinguisher may provide just enough leeway so that you and your employees can exit the building, without incurring any injuries. During the installation of fire extinguishers, a fire marshall or an inspector may provide some tips on how to determine if a fire can be put out with a single use of an extinguisher and the proper way to use one.

Different Classifications And Easy Access

Fire extinguishers are classified based upon the type of agent that is in them and the manner in which they should be used. A standard ABC extinguisher is designed for electrical and flammable liquid ignitions. A K class extinguisher is appropriate for use with grease fires.

Based upon the setup of your business and the variables that could contribute to a fire igniting, a fire marshal or an inspector will suggest which types of fire extinguishers to purchase. There are even rechargeable models, which will require a cartridge to be installed after each use of the extinguisher.

Proper disposal of an extinguisher should also be heeded since extinguishers should never be placed with household trash. The installation of each extinguisher that you acquire will require a glass casing or a bracket to be secured to a wall and an extinguisher to be braced inside of either setup. Placement is important and each one should be near an exit or any materials that could potentially combust. For more information, contact a company like County Fire Inc.