Want Outdoor Greenery? Three Types Of Businesses That Can Provide You With Options

Posted on: 19 April 2016

If you are looking to add a little more green to your surroundings outside, you might automatically gravitate toward a landscaping business for help. While that is perfectly normal, you may be missing out on other businesses that can provide you with greenery. The following is just a sample of the types of businesses that can set you up with green things and what options each of them can offer you.


Viticulture is the study and management of all things grape, including the grape vines. If you think you would like a little fruit with your decorative greenery, you could hire a viticulturist. This person is often in business for him- or herself, and may be willing to plant grape vines in various areas of your yard for you. Unlike a landscaper, the viticulturist is only there for the grapes and the vines on which the grapes grow, but he or she can help you find grape vines that grow quickly, spread out fast and even produce some fruit within a year or two. With the popularity of making grapevine wreaths and boughs for decoration, you would never have to buy your own when you have yours growing right along the fence in your backyard.

Climbing Flowers/ Florist

If the idea of grapevines dripping with grapes and drooping under the weight of ripe fruit does not appeal to you, then maybe you would be more interested in climbing flowers. Clematis, roses, wisteria, honeysuckle, climbing sweet peas and many types of jasmine all climb trellises and fences and spread out with lots of varying greenery and pretty-smelling flowers. To get some easy-to-care-for climbing flowers into your yard, you would consult with and/or hire a florist.

Faux Ivy Privacy Screens/ Silk Florists

If you do not quite have a green thumb for live greenery, then you could hire a silk florist instead, like those at EZ-Ivy or a similar location. A silk florist frequently works with silk flowers, fake green plants and fake plants in general. The silk florist could create a faux ivy privacy screen for your yard that looks just like real, climbing ivy, but you will never have to water it, trim it, prune it or prevent it from growing into the neighbors' trees. When it becomes too faded by the sun (as silk arrangements and faux plants often do), you can simply pull it down and throw it away. Then you can have the silk florist return and create a new faux greenery landscape.