5 Ways Your Storage Unit Can Help You When You're Moving

Posted on: 15 January 2016

Moving is one of the most stressful and cumbersome processes in life. If you're trying to arrange for an upcoming move between your old home and new home, you might want to put some thought into how a storage unit, such as 1st Stop Storage, can make the process go more smoothly. 

The following are five ways you can put your storage unit to use during your move to take some of the stress out of the huge task of relocating your belongings:

Removing clutter during home staging

If you haven't yet sold your house, your storage unit can help you make your old home look more appealing to potential buyers.

During home staging, you can use your storage unit to store extra furniture and decor accessories so that you can streamline your interior designs and remove superfluous items from your home.

Having a temporary spot for in-between time

Sometimes, a buyer finds that he or she has to vacate an old property before being able to move in to the new property.

In this situation, you can use your storage unit to store your furniture and belongings during the in-between time while arranging to stay at a family member's place or at a hotel temporarily. 

Providing a place for organization efforts

You can use your storage unit as a sort of processing center during your move. You can take your belongings to your unit and organize them there while deciding whether you should get rid of particular items, move them on to your new house, or keep them in storage until they're needed. 


Many people move because they want to live in a more affordable home or apartment. In this case, they are often downsizing and need to get rid of furnishings and possessions so that they can fit everything in to their new and smaller home.

This is a situation where a storage unit can save you from having to get rid of some of your prized possessions. With a storage unit, you can downsize while still being able to keep items even though you don't have space for them in your new home. 

Keeping belongings out of the way during renovation

If you're moving in to a fixer-upper, you might be engaging in some remodeling efforts during your first days in your new home.

In this case, it will probably help you to keep your items out of the way until you finish remodeling. Your storage unit can provide you with a perfect spot for temporarily storing things until remodel projects are completed.