Lighten Your HR Load: Three Reasons To Hire An Emplyment Screening Company

Posted on: 28 December 2015

HR specialists have a heavy workload. From ensuring compliance with government employment guidelines to acting as a mediator for employee conflict resolution, the HR person's available time to pour over job applications and screen applicants may be limited. Hiring an employment screening company can free up some of your HR specialist's time to conduct final interviews and begin the onboarding process for new hires. Here are just a few of the benefits of using an employment screening company.

Screening Out Unqualified Applicants

All too often, the applicant pool for available job openings includes people that have no applicable qualifications. An employment screening company will remove unqualified applicants from the job pool and narrow down the list of applicants to those who are most qualified for your available open positions. Once the field is narrowed down, your HR specialist can review the resumes for the remaining candidates to choose those who should be granted an interview.

Initial Interviews

Your employment screening company can conduct initial interviews to assess each applicant's punctuality, communication style, and personality. By eliminating those people who are late, dressed inappropriately or who don't present themselves in a professional manner, the applicant pool can be further narrowed to provide your HR specialist with a small pool of people to choose from. He or she can then perform final interviews to select the ideal candidates for each job opening.

Background Checks

Performing background checks can be a time-consuming process, but your employment screening company can take care of this essential job screening process for you. You can select the background criteria permitted by law for your area, to include criminal, employment and credit checks. If certain forms of background checks are not permitted by your state or local government, the employment screening company can inform your HR specialist and ensure that no employment laws are being broken by your screening process. As part of conducting background checks, your employment consultants can also check any references listed on an applicant's resume.

Your HR specialist is in charge of many different processes in your company, and providing him or her the proper tools for hiring new employees can help free up the workload and ensure that the right candidates for each job are selected. Talk to your HR team about which challenges they face during the hiring process and consult with an employment screening company to help fill the needs in your HR department's hiring process.

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