Utilizing Storage When Downsizing Your Office

Posted on: 3 November 2015

If you are moving into a smaller office space, you might be feeling the squeeze. If you don't want your office space to just look like a dumping ground of boxes, a self storage unit can help get certain items out of sight and in a facility that can still be easily accessed. Here are three ways a storage unit can help keep your space organized and your office items safe.

1. Hold on to Office Supplies You Can Use Later

If you have had to downsize on space or staffing, you might be reluctant to get rid of perfectly good furniture or equipment. If your business is cyclical or you may be bringing in additional staff in the near future, there is no reason to get rid of items only to have to buy these again. Keep your extra office furnishings and equipment in storage until you need these.

2. Secured Space for Inventory and Files

If your business sells or rents a product, you might not necessarily need your inventory at your fingertips at all times. If you can rent a storage facility nearby, you can pull items as needed but these won't take up valuable real estate in your work space. Similarly, if your office is involved in as a business such as accounting or law, you might have confidential files that you must retain, but don't access very often. Keep these safe in a storage unit that can keep files secure yet available if you do need these.

3. Start an Office Move off Fresh

Don't lug everything with you to a new office just to take up valuable space. Store some of your less-used furnishings and office items to see what you really need in the long run. Start out with just the necessities and keep everything else boxed up in storage. If you start to realize there are items that you do need, incorporate these back into your office one by one. After a few months, you can revisit your storage space and get rid of the things you truly don't need.

If you have either an individual or smaller office space, there might not be room for all the things that you are required to keep in order to run your business. A great way to make sure that you keep everything you need during an office downsize is with a self storage unit. Keeping a storage space handy is a safe, secure way to keep your business running efficiently while avoiding clutter.

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