Fixing Common Plumbing Problems For Your Vacation Rental Guests

Posted on: 21 September 2015

If you rent out a second home as a vacation rental, there can be a lot of headaches that come along with this. If you seem to get calls about plumbing issues every vacation season, there are a few things that you can do to alleviate this. Here are four ways to avoid or lessen plumbing problems becoming your problem when you have a vacation rental.

1. Label Issues With Helpful Reminders

While you are used to the nuances in your home, vacationers may not understand your sensitive plumbing or garbage disposal. Label areas of your home such as what can and cannot go in the toilet or down the sink. A few quick reminders near problem areas can be helpful for your guests who may not even realize they are causing plumbing issues.  This can cut back on innocent mistakes that can lead to big trouble.

2. Empower Your House Guests to Fix Problems

Leave simple plumbing solutions around the home to help your guests prevent or solve their own problems. Have a bottle of clog remover under the bathroom sink and leave a plunger in each bathroom. You can also take preventative measures with sink strainers, hair catchers and garbage bins near toilets to discourage flushing everything.

3. Schedule Ongoing Maintenance

Have your home checked before the busy season to make sure everything is in good working shape. If small leaks or clogged drains can be caught ahead of time, these won't turn into big issues down the line. Schedule yearly plumbing services to do a thorough check of your vacation rental and suggest replacements or maintenance repairs you may want to take care of.

4. Hire on a Property Manager

If your vacation rental is in a different town than yours or you just don't have the time to deal with issues that may come up for your renters, hire on a property manager to help with day-to-day issues like plumbing emergencies. You can provide a list of vendors you usually work with including so that your home will be taken care of by trusted individuals. Your property manager can be in charge of setting up appointments and dealing with emergencies.

If you will be the one that gets that emergency plumbing call at one in the morning, try to be a gracious host. Your guests don't have ill intentions and are probably embarrassed to bug you about plumbing problems. Do what you can to cut down on issues before they happen or have a reliable source that can be on call for you in the future.

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