3 Things To Find Out Before Installing A Water Well

Posted on: 4 September 2015

If you have been thinking about installing a water well at your home, you are probably excited about the possibility of taking advantage of all of a well's benefits. For example, you might be psyched about the idea of never having to pay a water bill again, and you might be ready to filter your own water instead of drinking and using the water that has been cleaned with harsh chemicals and that has had fluoride added to it.

However, before you run out and start digging for your new well, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. By finding the answers to a few questions first, you can ensure that you won't have any problems when you do eventually install your new water well.

1. Will Your HOA Have a Problem With It?

If you live in an area that has a homeowner's association, you should first make sure that it is not against your HOA's rules to install a water well. Some HOAs do have these restrictions, but if you check all of the regulations and do not find anything about water wells, then you probably don't have anything to worry about. You may still want to bring it up at your next HOA meeting just to make sure, however, if you want to avoid potential problems with your neighbors.

2. Are There Any Local Restrictions?

Don't assume that you can build a water well just because your homeowner's association doesn't have a rule against it or just because you live in an area without an HOA. Even if you live in a rural area, there is a chance that your state or local government has strict laws against it. These laws vary widely from area to area, so your best bet is to talk to someone from your local coding enforcement agency to find out about local restrictions.

3. Is There Enough Water?

Some areas are rather dry, which means that there is not enough groundwater to supply a family with water, even with a deep well. You will want to find this out before you spend the money to drill a water well, so consider asking others around you about their wells, if they have them. You can also hire a water well drilling company to come out and conduct a test to ensure that there is ample groundwater in your area to support a well.

Installing a water well can be exciting, but you shouldn't move too fast. Instead, make sure that you find out the answers to these three questions before you get started; then, you shouldn't have anything to worry about once you do have your well drilled. 

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