5 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids To Drink More Water

Posted on: 7 August 2015

If you suspect that your child is not drinking enough water, you are probably right. A June 2015 study shows that over half of kids in the U.S. suffer from inadequate hydration. Getting kids to opt for water over soft drinks, juice and milk can be a struggle. The more you insist, the less they concede.

Rather than fighting, begging and forcing your kids to gulp down water, learn some ways to encourage them to decide to drink more H2O on their own.

Pick Cool Containers

Grab a package of fun drinking glasses in assorted colors and assign each kid their own special glass. Better yet, let them pick out their own special cup, bottle or tumbler the next time you go shopping. Make it clear that no one may use anyone else's cup and that they are only to use the containers to drink water.

Up the Yum Factor

If your children miss the taste of soft drinks and juices, adding a little flavor to their water can persuade them to give it a go. Freeze cherries, berries and grapes and use them in place of ice. Squeeze in some juice from lemons, limes or oranges. Make ice cubes from fresh juice. Try infusing pleasant flavors into water by keeping a pitcher packed with flavorful combinations in the fridge, such as apple slices and cinnamon sticks or cucumber and mint.

Sip With Straws

Water seems to go down more easily when you drink from a straw. Silly-shaped straws are fun, especially for younger kids, but children of all ages enjoy sipping from plain old red and white striped drinking straws; you know, the ones that bend near the top. Keep a box or glass jar full of them on the kitchen counter.

Hold Contests and Offer Rewards

Use sibling rivalry to your advantage and challenge your kids to see who can drink the most water in one day, week or month. Keep a chart on the fridge where they can tally their total ounces. Give a worthwhile prize to the winner, such as a chore-free Saturday. For younger kids, reward them with stickers or stars on a chart each time they finish drinking their water.

Make It Accessible

Providing cold, delicious drinking water at all times is essential if you want your kids to drink more. If your tap water is tepid or tastes rather off, chances are good they will turn up their noses. Keep individual bottles or gallons in the fridge, or set up bottled water service (with companies like Hagerman Valley Spring Water LLC). With bottled water home delivery service, you can enjoy on-demand hydration.