How To Profit From Making Custom Bags For Your Customers

Posted on: 27 July 2015

Making custom handbags is something you love. The artistry and time that goes into each handcrafted piece should be recognized in the amount of profits you can receive for your efforts. Many people want custom things without paying a custom price, and fail to understand how a heftier price tag actually benefits them. Here is a guide to making better profit when designing custom bags for your customers so everyone is satisfied with their sale.

Provide material options

You want to provide a variety of materials in a broad color spectrum. You will have customers who can afford leather, and others who will be satisfied with cotton blends. Still others will want an earthy burlap material for their custom bags. Each type of material you can carry will have its own price tag attached to it. Leather and silk, for example, are more costly to work with than polyester or cotton blends. In having a variety of materials in every color to work with, your customers can better be able to meet their own budgets by allowing you to suggest the best materials to use for their custom handbags based on what they hope to achieve and what they are willing to spend.

If you have customers who want an expensive material but have an obviously low budget, you can make alter their bags to meet their needs while still making a profit. For example, a bag can be made with inexpensive material with a leather strip down the side to give a person who wants a custom leather bag something they can afford and love.

Pay yourself in the fee

As you determine the price for a custom bag, don't forget to include an hourly wage for the time you spend on each piece. Time and materials should always be calculated to your benefit. After all, you have to buy the supplies, keep them in storage, and then use your valuable time to assemble a custom bag for a customer. Break down this fee for your customers so they can see exactly why their custom handbag is priced much different than traditional stores. Once they see that you are giving them a great deal for the many hours you will spend assembling their custom piece, they will be more likely to see the price tag as a sign of quality.

Think before you discount

Some customers will want a discount if you are making many custom bags, and you may be so thrilled at the prospect of a large sale you won't be able resist. Before you agree to any discounts, calculate the per-piece profit you will be making first. People who design custom bags often find themselves barely covering their expenses to make pieces when they do bulk discounts because they only look at the final sale price. You don't want this to happen to you. Make sure you will still make money on each piece before you agree to design for someone in bulk.

Creating custom handbags for customers can be a very profitable adventure. In having many different types of materials available, paying yourself in your fees, and keeping discounts reasonable, you can profit with each sale.