Tackling Frequent Myths About Concrete Sawing During Home Elevator Installation

Posted on: 24 June 2015

The installation of an elevator in your residential property brings a whole new level of value to your home. The only thing is, installing an elevator in an already constructed home can require some heavy lifting, and even some heavy machinery to get the job done. One of the pieces of equipment you are likely to see in the elevator installation process is a concrete saw. Such a heavy piece of equipment is bound to bring with it a few misconceptions. Here are a few of the most common myths about concrete sawing during home elevator installation. 

MythThe concrete saw will only have to be used on the underlying foundation of the home.

Fact: It is true the primary use for the concrete saw will be to create a trench in the concrete foundation large enough to house the base of the elevator. However, the saw may also be used in other aspects of installation, such as cutting through bricks and stone of the floor or walls. This heavy saw is capable of cutting through various materials, which will make the process of cutting a space for the elevator much easier to accomplish. 

Myth: Cutting into a concrete foundation can decrease the stability of the home's underlying structure. 

Fact: When spaces are cut from the home's underlying foundation, extreme caution will be taken to prevent inhibiting the structural stability of the rest of the house. This may mean new braces will have to be installed, or even that new concrete and concrete forms will have to be used. Further, the space opened up will not be left unfilled, but will house a solid steel frame that will act as the base of the elevator system. 

Myth: Concrete sawing involves taking out massive pieces of concrete that may have to be transported through your home. 

Fact: Before being transported through the home, the concrete that is removed from the foundation will be broken into smaller, more manageable pieces. Concrete drills and hammers will be used to lessen the size of large pieces. This is important to prevent damage to flooring and actually get the removed material through doorways without incident. 

If you have concerns about concrete sawing in your home due to elevator installation, make sure you talk openly with the contractor about what you should expect. Doing so will help to ensure you feel comfortable with the process as a homeowner.