Important Reasons To Install Electronic Signs In Your Retail Store

Posted on: 3 June 2015

Do you own your own retail business? Are you struggling with ways to engage and retain loyal customers? Here are some reasons why you should consider installing electronic signs in your store:

Saves time and paper: Do you have daily deals that need to be posted where customers can see it? The process of printing up the signs and putting them up probably takes your employees several hours every week. If you have a large marquee-style sign with individual letters, this can take even longer to change. Instead of spending time and paper printing up new signs for every sale or climbing ladders to swap out marquee letters, electronic signs can change as needed. With just a few button presses, your signs will be able to display an entirely different discount or sale. The labor savings from not needing to change all those old fashioned signs will eventually pay for the cost of your new electronic signs.

Display timely specials: While a simple setup will display only basic information, a more complicated design would allow you to run specials based on the time of day or even the weather. For example, if you sell sunglasses, you could have your electronic signs show a discount on sunglasses in the middle of sunny days. Similarly, you could discount rain gear when it's raining outside, no matter whether it's day or night. Having unadvertised specials based on current events will encourage your customers to look at the electronic signs more often, potentially encouraging them to buy more.

Focuses attention: A paper sign is relatively easy to tune out. Once a person sees one of those types of signs, they may not even realize that you changed it since the last time they visited the store. If you use electronic signs that show animated text or that simply change messages every 30-60 seconds, they'll be harder to miss. Instead of getting used to the signs, the attention of even new customers will be drawn to look. Once they do, they may be more likely to notice the deals and specials you have, rather than simply ignoring the sign.

Electronic signs, bought from a company like Nesper Sign Advertising Inc, are a great way to engage with customers and to keep them returning for more. You can start out with a small and simple sign at your checkout counter or you can go all out and add them all over. The choice is entirely up to you and whatever works for your budget.