Four Tips For Managing An Outsourced Call Center

Posted on: 6 February 2015

There are hundreds of United States based call centers that outsource their calls to other areas of the world. One task that is generally kept in the states is management and quality control. This is due to several reasons, some of which are directly related to customer care concerns. If you have just taken on the post of call and quality management for a team based out of the country, consider these four tips to help you with your new career.

Work on Customer Relations

One of the leading reasons that customers complain and request a manager is because they feel they aren't being heard. Sometimes this is due to training manuals and techniques being written for a certain area of the world or tone of voice. For example, you may have a training technique that has the call center repeating what the customer says to clarify the problem.

 To some customers this is helpful, but to others it can become very irritating. Monitor your customer complaints and work on the points that keep coming up. Change techniques if necessary to give your call center agents some stress relief while still allowing them to handle the call.

Don't Be Afraid to Monitor Calls

As a call center manager, you need to monitor calls for quality assurance. If you notice that a call center has higher than average hold times, don't be afraid to monitor the calls and find out why. If it is an ongoing issue with agents having trouble finding the right answer or if the calls are not being transferred properly, you can make the appropriate adjustments.

Conduct Weekly Shift Meetings

Make sure you are touching base with the overseas call center staff. You can do this easily through weekly shift meetings through voice over services, webcam, or other business platforms. If agents have problems or questions, they can bring them to the meeting and address them easily.

Make Yourself Available

As an off-location manager, you may seem unapproachable to the staff. Make sure that you have a method for the agents to contact you. Let them know they can contact you during a call, when they have questions, or even if they have a difficult call. Using messenger services and social media is ideal for this type of connection and it allows you to do private chats if it helps the call center agents.

These are just a few tips that can help your management duties when you deal with an outsourced call center. It also gives the call center the ability to have a point of contact instead of handling everything on their own and possibly having issues that could be fixed before they get out of hand.