How To Prepare Your Boat For Storage

Posted on: 28 January 2015

If you won't be using your boat for a while, whether from the cold weather season or because you will be out of town, you should have it properly stored. Not only does the storage location matter, but how you prepare for storage. These tips can help you get your boat ready for storage so you aren't dealing with any issues later one.

Check Your Owner's Manual

While this may seem like a somewhat obvious suggestion, it is a good thing to note. Not only does your boat's owner's manual include information about repairs and maintenance, but also for winterizing your boat. It is a good place to look for specific winterizing and preparing your boat, based on its make and model. With or without the manual, the rest of these tips will be very useful when preparing your boat for storage.

Change the Oil and Filter

Winterizing a boat and getting it ready for storage should always start with changing the oil and filter. Drain the oil into a drain pan and dispose of it properly. Once you have drained the oil, take out the old filter and put a fresh one in. Once that is done, put in fresh oil to keep in the boat while it is being stored. If you plan on storing your boat for longer than a couple months, you will want to go into the storage unit and change the oil one more time.

Drain the Water and Sewage

The next thing you need to drain out of your boat before storing it is the water and the sewage. All fresh water should be drained out, and your sewage tanks should also be drained. Store these in a safe and secure location while the boat is being stored. Keeping them on or in the boat put the boat at risk of water damage if the tank gets a crack or hole as it is being stored.

Add Antifreeze

Once the fresh water tank is completely empty, you can fill it with antifreeze. The kind you'll want is pink RV antifreeze, which is good for preventing damage to a self-contained water system, such as what you have in your boat. It is also used when storing an RV or motorhome. After you have added the antifreeze, run water in the galley and head until you see it running pink.

The Last Steps

There are just a few more minor things you want to do to properly prepare your boat for storage. First of all, you should turn off the water pump. Next, plug in your shore power if you are going to store your boat on land or in the water. This prevents the batteries from dying. If you are storing it in a self-storage unit, you don't need to worry about that. Make sure you empty the boat by removing all valuables and as much equipment as you can. After storing it, make sure the cabin and boat are secure. For more storage tips, contact a company like Arrow Moving & Storage Co. Inc.